Down for Whatever was founded by Róbert Császár, Tamás Szabó and Attila Császár at the end of 2014. The inspiration came to them at a hardcore gig. They decided to put together a band where modern elements of metal and hardcore are mixed with melodic, clear vocals. While shouts and screams provide only dynamic differences and serve as ornaments.


By the end of 2014, once they have found their sound style, they made their first three demos. At that time there were only three members in the band so they decided to extend their existing instrumental base with a singer and a drummer.


At a concert in January 2015, they met the singer Kiki Diószegi through a mutual friend. Kiki was looking for a band, and after a couple of days, there was no doubt that a joint effort would prove successful. A week later their “Better To Be Alone” song had been recorded and was released in March with a lyrics video.


In April of the same year, Down For Whatever released a second song, which was not their own composition, but a dynamic variation on the famous pop hit “Blame” by Calvin Harris and John Newman. Shortly thereafter, their first real story-line clip was recorded under the title “Alpha & Omega”, followed by “Alienation” featuring a hybrid lyric video.


Down for Whatever has been playing alongside such bands as Helia (I), Dayseeker (USA) and even the Hungarian AWS and Nova Prospect. At the end of January, they were invited to play at, a later sold-out event, in the Barba Negra Music Club, alongside Ignite (USA). During this concert they appeared with their new drummer, Dávid Zsoldos.


Not long after David joined the band, they released a new title, “The Last Chapter”, accompanied by a double-exposure image video. In the spring of 2016 Tamás Szabó left the band and DFW continued with the remaining four members. During the spring, they played twice at the Barba Negra Music Club (in the tribute “Rage Against The Machine” and at the USEME concert), and were invited as a guest by the US band “We Came As Romans” to lift the atmosphere before their concert. Suite to this, they released their 'The Black March' song, accompanied with a special music video.


In the fall of 2016 Attila Császár left the band to continue his studies abroad. After that, the three remaining members, Robi, David and Kiki produced their first album 'White Light', which was released in April 2017, along with a video clip sharing the same title as the album. Even before the album was released, the band recorded their first Hungarian song, using their favorite childhood cartoon “Tarzan” by 'Two Worlds'.


Down for Whatever's first album, 'White Light' was presented on April 30 2017 at a concert in Hall 041 at Dürer Kert in Budapest. The concert was accompanied by never before seen lighting techniques, visuals, LED walls and showbiz elements. The supporting bands were the Borders of Byzantium and the New Friend Request. In the meantime, the album was also released in both physical and digital forms, with a finely distilled image and modern style video clip added to the title song.


A bit later Zsombor Czink joined the group and with him the band made a sold out concert at the A38 boat with the international band, Eskimo Callboy. They made a music video from the moments of that concert for the song, “Let me in”.


They played a few gigs in Hungary, then they went back to Budapest and made a sold out concert with the famous local band, Nova Prospect at Dürer Kert.


During the winter of 2017 the band will go back to the studio and record some new songs, then they will go on a tour in the spring of 2018 with bands such as Nova Prospect (HU), Phrenia (SR) and Sunset (HU). The first concert will be in Budapest at the Akvárium venue with the famous Hungarian band, USEME (HU). The tour will contain 18-20 destinations in Hungary and a few in the bordering countries as well.